Joe Kovacs is an acclaimed journalist who has spent 26 years in the broadcast, print and online media, receiving awards for excellence in news coverage from the Associated Press and United Press International. He is currently the executive news editor for

Joe Kovacs, Executive News Editor of World Net Daily, acclaimed journalist, and Bible believer, has applied his research skills to uncover shocking truths found in Godís word. Come listen as he shares his discoveries and see if you too will be shocked by the Bible!

His career began in radio, with 10 years on the air as a news reporter and anchor, reaching the network level. He then ran television newsrooms in the U.S., and lived and worked in Europe as an editor in Budapest, Hungary. Kovacs is also considered one of the top creative headline writers in the news business today. 


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Among the astonishing facts Kovacs explores are:


The Bible says nothing about Adam and Eve eating an apple – it could have been any fruit, or even no fruit that exists today.

The worst case of hemorrhoids in history is recorded in Scripture, with an entire nation screaming in agony for seven months.   

While millions of people across the globe decorate trees with silver and gold ornaments every December, God actually tells people not to engage in such a practice. 
An often-overlooked aspect of the Scriptures is that animals had meaningful discussions with humans. And when it comes to the animals aboard Noah's Ark, there were many more than two of each kind. 
  Many people, not just Jesus, were resurrected from the dead both in the Old and New Testaments. Nor was Jesus the only one with the power to raise people from the dead – the apostles also had that power…and used it.  
The Bible is full of sex talk: sex within marriage, sex outside of marriage, sex during menstruation, homosexuality, incest, prostitution, rape, the semen of both men and beasts, sex with animals, and even homosexual relations with angels!    


The Bible does not actually state that people go to heaven when they die. It suggests a future resurrection, but only when Jesus returns back to the Earth…someday in the future. Jesus actually said that He is the only one who has ever been to heaven!


Contrary to Christmas tradition, no wise men ever visited baby Jesus in a Bethlehem manger. The Scriptures never say how many eventually came to visit Him in a house, and it was probably more than a year after the birth of Jesus before they arrived.

  Despite Christians today being inundated with messages about God's love and forgiveness, they may never have learned that God has killed millions of men, women and children throughout the Bible.  
Some of the biggest names of the Old Testament – Noah, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob – were not Jews!  In fact, the Bible shows that Israel was at war with the Jews!    
  The Bible never says Jesus died on a Friday or rose from the grave Sunday morning. Jesus said He would be in the grave for three days and three nights, suggesting He was buried on a Wednesday evening and rose three days later on Saturday.


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When asked why he wrote such a book, Kovacs said, "It all started when my sister mentioned that Christmas and its customs were not in the Bible, and that they really came from ancient, pagan religions. That disturbed me, because I was really into Christmas, and I thought for sure it had to be in there. So her claim prompted me to find out what the Bible really said. Once I started looking, I couldn't stop, because it seemed almost everything I had ever been told was actually missing from the Bible. After researching Christmas, I naturally checked on Easter, and couldn't find a single bunny or Easter egg. However, I did find out Easter is really a pagan goddess of fertility. It made me wonder, 'How can so many people not know this?' "


Kovacs continues, "It's not about religion. It's about the Bible." Shocked by the Bible certainly does not rehash what you already know."


He is currently the executive news editor for Kovacs has written hundreds of news articles, many focusing on Bible matters.

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