The Tulsa Church of God

2018 Online Sermons

02-17 Steve Andrews Understanding Fellowship (KOINONIA)
02-17 Shawn Witt What's the next step?
02-10 Barnabas Grayson The Day of the Lord
02-10 Lawrence Gregory Rooted and Grounded
02-03 Matthew Steel Who are You?
02-03 Doyle Carter The Way, the Truth, the Life
01-27 Steve Andrews The Rule of Law
01-27 Steve Andrews The Prince of this World is Judged
01-20 Barnabas Grayson Walk By Faith, Not By Sight
01-20 Mark McGarvey Become Like Little Children
01-13 Matthew Steel Knowing Truth
01-13 Reg Noland True Grit
01-06 Steve Andrews The Wedding Parables
01-06 Curtis Whiteley The Ethics of Faith: In Patience



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