The Tulsa Church of God

2017 Online Sermons

04-11 Barnabas Grayson The Bread of Life
04-11 David Hope The Lamb Of God Is Not An Egg Laying Rabbit!
04-08 Steve Andrews The Betrayal, Trial, and Death of Jesus Christ
04-08 Doyle Carter Christ, Our Redeemer
04-01 Matthew Steel Perfectly Prepared for Passover
04-01 Ken Barton Happy Atheists Day
03-25 Steve Andrews Jesus the Archegos and Teleiotes of (Our) Faith
03-18 Lawrence Gregory 3 Ways The Holy Spirit Is Working In The World
03-18 Doyle Carter Achieving Spiritual Maturity
03-11 Barnabas Grayson Power and Law
03-11 Mark McGarvey Courage, Prayer, Faith - Desmond Doss
03-06 Steve Andrews Samuel and Saul
03-04 Curtis Whiteley The Ethics of Faith: In Trials
02-25 Barnabas Grayson A Way Of Life And Faith
02-25 Ken Barton What Is Our Goal?
02-18 Matthew Steel Confessions of Faith
02-18 Shawn Witt Put On The Whole Armor Of God
02-11 Steve Andrews For By Our Words
02-11 Art Williams Faith Without Limits
02-04 Reg Noland Prayer for the Latter Days
01-28 Matthew Steel Signature of the Designer
01-28 Curtis Whiteley The Ethics of Faith: In Our Identity
01-21 Doyle Carter My Peace I Give To You
01-07 Barnabas Grayson The Messengers
01-07 Shawn Witt Time for Change!



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